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Keeping afternoon learning FUN...

August 24, 2017

 So we try to keep our afternoon class time FUN... 


We try to keep it all fun for the most part but the afternoons for us have proven that this is the way to go ... 


So we bust out the colors & shapes or alphabet bingo .. 


The kids love it ... 


and yelling BINGO is definitely a current FAV!

 These math blocks... they're so awesome ad so versatile!!!


There's literally so many ways to utilize them in such an engaging way! 


We used them to make letters....


Practice patterns & colors...  


We also used them with some math flash cards (target has great ones in the dollar section now) and I would ask her what the math problem we get to solve!?  for example 1  +   3 ... 


"Eva can you hand me 1 yellow block and 3 blue blocks?"


"How many blocks do we have all together now!?"


"4 that's right! Because 1 PLUS 3 is 4! How fun is that!?"


  Somewhere in between all of this so also built a rocket launcher .... 


Get some math blocks...


and start having some fun!


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